Corporate Social Responsibility

We are conscious of the kind of impact our work has on all aspects of society and environment, as we aim to enhance our practice and create a fruitful contribution.

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Our mission & dedication to provide effective communication services.

How we conduct our work and how our code of ethics applies on our day to day operations.

Our company’s policy against bribery and corruption when conducting business.

Our commitment to protect the environment and reduce our environmental impact.

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EcoVadis 2023 - Bronze Sustainability Rating
EcoVadis 2023 - Bronze Sustainability Rating

EcoVadis Award

Asterias Creative Design struck bronze in the 2023 EcoVadis Sustainability Awards in recognition of our ongoing commitment to sustainability. EcoVadis is an independent platform, which evaluates the performance of more than 90,000 organizations across several areas, including Environment, Labor, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. This is a significant achievement that reflects our commitment to sustainability and we will continue to work to achieve more results like this. 

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, Asterias Creative Design has demonstrated significant commitment, as it has consistently contributed to the local community by supporting socially vulnerable groups through the work of non-profit organizations and volunteerism. Asterias continues to invest in improving the effectiveness of the sustainable design and reducing its environmental footprint. Among other things, we choose to use recyclable materials for ourselves and our clients, install LED light bulbs for low consumption, avoid printing or using FSC-certified papers where necessary, and recycle in a systematic manner with the help of the Green City program. At the same time, Asterias maintains the greatest ethical standards in its interactions with customers, partners, and workers.


We are filled with joy each time our practice helps our society.

We understand that our Asterias is not only the services provided, but also the contributions to our society in general. That’s why we take action and offer our help, by donating, volunteering or financially supporting, social institutions & causes.

Asterias for Theotokos

We donated raw materials to “Theotokos” Foundation, used by the beneficiaries to create festive products, that were later sold as Christmas gifts to supporters of the Foundation. 

At Asterias we believe that all members of our society, like the adults with special conditions who are educated at the Institute, are entitled to the right to work and create.

Donations to Mati survivors

We collect personal hygiene products from our clients, and with the help and advice of our colleague, who lost loved ones to the Mati forest fire, we donate them to the survivors. Providing for our fellow people who suffered from such a tragedy, is the least we can do.
If your company has products to share through our channel please use our contact form to inform us.

Sponsoring Metadrasi

As a creative design agency we have opportunities to deliver our services pro bono. Among others, we have offered to create educational materials for Metadrasis, an NGO that helps refugees and immigrants. More info:

Supporting Antama

We support Antama, a social enterprise dedicated to promoting active aging and eliminating ageism. Our team designed materials that promote their vision. More info:


When it comes to thinking about the environment, it’s easy to ping pong between hope and despair. However, we at Asterias are not the ones to sit with our hands crossed. We focus on sustainability and implement practical solutions in our everyday life.

We believe that all of us are responsible and can make a difference with our work and our choices.

Click the logo “rethink-reuse-recycle” (auto translation from GR click HERE)  and read more about Asterias’s initiative together with CSR Review to bring to life old PET bottles and host a succulent plant in it.

Get inspired, read some inspiring stories and do more for our planet, our home.


Διαβάστε κάνοντας κλικ στο σήμα “rethink-reuse-recycle” για την πρωτοβουλία της Asterias μαζί με το CSR Review, να δωθεί αξία σε απορριφθέντα PET μπουκάλια με την μετατροπή τους σε γλαστράκια με ένα όμορφο παχύφυτο.

Εμπνευστείτε, διαβάστε ιστορίες που σας παρακινούν να κάνετε περισσότερα για τον πλανήτη, το σπίτι μας.


Rethink Reuse Recycle

Geitones Galatsi

Volunteering is in our core, and we do our best to participate in various activities that help our environment and our society.

We took part in an activation of Geitones Galatsi, contributing to the cleaning of a nearby hill by removing garbage and helping in planting trees in the area.

Green City

We use the Green City program to recycle and participate to a circular economy for our country.

We try to reuse whatever possible, and when we are not able to, we recycle. We divide materials appropriately (plastic, paper, glass etc.) and visit the specified recycling spots, thus earning points and discounts for our business purchases.

We can all live & work sustainable. It’s an every day effort but it doesn’t need to be a struggle. We at Asterias will give you some tips and ideas on how you can achieve living sustainable, not only at your work environment but also at home. Just stay tuned!

Recycling 101

Free From Plastic

No Food Waste

Go Digital

Plants in Your Workspace

Save Energy

Recycling 101

Free From Plastic

No Food Waste

Go Digital

Plants in Your Workspace

Not only do they reduce stress but they are also capable of: Increasing productivity, Reducing noise levels, Boosting creativity, and of course first and foremost are NATURAL AIR-CLEANERS.
We took the initiative to create a custom-made plant-pot from recyclable pet bottles, turning waste into something useful as well. Let's brainstorm together what else we can recycle & reuse for you! We can create & deliver to you branded pots to decorate your offices. Hooray to plants!

Save Energy

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