Milestone, All About Home and HO.RE.CA.

Branding, In-Store Promotion

Milestone, a company all about home and HO.RE.CA. (i.e. hotels, restaurants, cafes), serves the needs within the food, service, and catering market, offering one-stop-shop solutions in really competitive price tags. It trusted us to design the packaging for its products, to decorate the points of sale, and to do the product marking. The logotype designs derived from our client’s need to create quite a few of them for the entire product family. Unique logotypes in different colors, shapes, and styles were therefore made to serve each product line.

Product Family Logotype Design

Chef Basics logotype
Chef Classics logotype
Chef PRO logotype
Tabletop Classics logotype
Tabletop Basics logotype
Tabletop Pro logotype
Home Basics logotype
Home Comfort logotype
Elite Home logotype
Hotelium logotype
Hotelium Pro logotype
Cruizmate logotype
Cruizmate Pro logotype
Travelmate logotype
Easy Care logotype
Easy Care Pro logotype
Home Care Basics logotype
Home Care Classics logotype
N24 logotype
ready2U logotype
ready2U Pro logotype