Newtrition – Dietary Supplements

Packaging design

Our design team was tasked with designing the packaging identity of the new dietary supplements by Newtrition®, a product line for a healthier and longer life aiming for the global market.

The participation of our team to the project was from Day One, as Asterias was part of the workshop that developed the design strategy of these new products.

Using 3D modelling design and the privately owned 3D printers, Asterias created sample bottles to better present the proposed design.

The visuals created manage to complement each other enhancing the identity of this new product line.

CARDIO³ – Omega-3 supplement & Index Kit

BONESD³ – Vitamin D supplement & Index Kit

BRAINO³ – Omega-3 supplement

DIGEST2FL – Gastrointestinal Prebiotic Supplement