Dentyne Deep Arctic

Packaging, In-Store Promotion

We were assigned to design of Dentyne Deep Arctic line’s packaging for the new flavours. We made original designs for the spearmint, eucalyptus, and menthol black flavours, and created the POP materials. Particularly, we designed the shelf tags for the Supermarkets, as well as the promotional posters. Later, there was an addition in the product line with the blackcurrant flavour design packaging, based on new color codes.

Blackcurrant flavour packaging

Dentyne Deep Arctic spearmint flavour

Spearmint flavour packaging

Dentyne Deep Arctic eucalyptus flavour

Eucalyptus flavour packaging

Dentyne Deep Arctic menthol black flavour

Menthol Black flavour packaging

Spearmint flavour box packaging

Eucalyptus flavour box packaging

Menthol Black flavour box packaging

Promotional shelf tag

Promotional poster