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Coca-Cola Seasonal Limited Edition Bottles in Cyprus

Packaging, In-Store Promotion, Outdoor Promotion, Video Production

Everything started in 2017, when Coca-Cola Hellas invited us to participate in a design pitch and gave us the creative challenge to create a special-edition bottle for the world’s most iconic brand illustrating the culture and history of Crete. After winning the pitch, we also created the Paphos special-edition bottle in commemoration of the 2017 European capital of Culture.

A year later, commemorative bottles for Thessaloniki, Cyclades, and Cyprus were introduced in the respective regions while in 2019, it was high time for Athens and Dodecanese to earn their dedicated Coca-Cola bottle.

Extremely proud of these masterpieces, some with a more traditional look and feel, others with a more minimal and contemporary approach- the purpose has been the same across: to honor each and every region and highlight their rich history and heritage.

Coca-Cola Cyprus Seasonal LEBs

Cyprus Seasonal LEBs

Coca-Cola Pafos Seasonal LEB

Pafos Seasonal LEB

Coca-Cola Cyprus limited edition cashier stand