Coca-Cola Cyprus

Packaging, In-Store Promotion, Outdoor Promotion design

Everything started in 2017, when we were called to create an inspiring project with special-edition bottles for this iconic brand, illustrating the culture and the history of Crete. The Paphos special-edition bottle was also launched the same year to celebrate the city as the European capital of culture 2017. A design pitch took place and our company was the winner for both designs. One year later, commemorative bottles for Thessaloniki, Cyclades, and Cyprus were launched. Some had a more traditional look and feel, while for others we adopted a more contemporary approach. For every package our aim has been to “travel” in time, in traditions, in the land of gods.

Coca-Cola Cyprus Original Taste limited edition bottle

Original Taste bottle

Coca-Cola Cyprus Zero limited edition bottle

Coke Zero bottle

Promotional poster

Coca-Cola Cyprus limited edition cashier stand

Cashier stand




Promotional stand